Purchasing and inventory control

In 2015, emphasis was placed on implementing an electronic tender process for Landsnet, which resulted in the adoption of a new e-tendering system, Delta eSourcing, at the end of October. Our tender processes have thus become fully electronic, as bids are now received electronically through the system. All our public tenders are now advertised on a designated tender website.

The heightened level of construction activity at Landsnet was reflected in our purchasing in 2015. The number of tender exercises climbed to a total of 27, up from three in 2014. The increase in construction was also reflected in our inventory control in the first half of the year. This included the procurement of undergrounding equipment and of materials for the reconstruction of the Sigalda Line 3. The second half of the year was also busy in the reception of reserve and residual materials after the summer’s construction activity.