Our people

Landsnet employs highly professional and experienced staff. Our permanent employees numbered 114 at year-end 2015, of which 80% were men and 20% women. Our people are well-educated experts in their respective fields. Employees holding vocational education in an electrical field or a university degree in engineering and technology comprise the largest portion of our staff, who otherwise come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

In 2015, our employees played a key role in formulating a new corporate policy and future vision for the company. This was effected through an extensive policy reformulation exercise, including surveys, interviews and analysis by staff, who thereby contributed greatly to shaping our new way of working.

Landsnet’s organisational structure was also revised to better support the new policies. Five new divisions were created, all of whose Executive VPs were appointed from Landsnet’s ranks. All our staff have made a concerted effort to shape the new divisions. Many employees have been transferred between units following the organisational and policy changes, thereby acquiring new day-to-day colleagues.

Six new employees were recruited during the year. The staff turnover was just over 6%. Increased staff turnover may be expected in the coming years due to age-related retirement, as 24% of our staff are 60 or older. Almost 20% of our employees have worked for the company or its predecessors for over 31 years.

The Landsnet Academy

A major effort has been made to develop staff training and education in recent years to foster continual improvement and ensure that our employees have the capabilities and knowledge to tackle the tasks of the day and the company’s future challenges.

An emphasis is placed on targeted instruction informed by the company’s defined training and education goals. Needs analysis is used to assess training needs. This is followed by issuing a Landsnet Academy Training Plan that reflects the company’s specialised activities and is designed to disseminate the considerable expertise that our staff possess. A total of 35 specialised training courses were held for teams within Landsnet during the year. The number of participants in these courses totalled 497.

All new members of staff are provided with induction training, in which their training needs for the first few months of employment are defined. Every new employee is assigned a “mentor” to assist with orientation to the job. The objectives of induction training are:

  • To familiarise new staff with our activities and enable them to assimilate to the company’s policies and values.
  • To provide new staff with education and training in using equipment, tools and procedures required in their work to be able to attain the required level of performance as soon as possible.
  • To provide new staff with specialised training defined as necessary for them to be able to perform well.
  • To ensure that our staff are confident and comfortable in their work and receive support whenever needed.

Summer jobs for students

In the summer of 2015, we employed 16 university students and 30 upper-secondary school-aged youths in summer jobs. Importance is attached to affording university students with opportunities to perform real-world tasks in their respective fields of study. We thereby aim to contribute more to society and promote education and knowledge in the field of electrical energy.