Scholarships and community grants

Each year, we support community projects of relevance to our sphere of activities.

Co-operation with Reykjavik University

During the year, Landsnet signed a co-operation agreement with Reykjavik University (RU) on internships at the company for students at RU’s School of Science and Engineering. The five-year agreement aims to promote students’ expertise in the fields of risk analysis and electricity transmission.

Landsnet and RU’s Centre of Risk and Decision Analysis (CORDA) have also entered into an agreement on scholarships to doctoral students. The aim is to increase knowledge and expertise in risk and decision analysis.

Support to University of Iceland engineering students

Landsnet supports engineering students at the University of Iceland who performed well in a competition against other universities in building an electric racing car during the year. The project is entitled Team Spark and aims to deliver better and more experienced engineers into the economy by enabling them to tackle “real-life” problems and training them in using the knowledge acquired in their studies.

A new team took over the mantle last autumn. It aims to improve the racing car still further and take part in the Formula Student race at the Silverstone Circuit in England in the summer of 2016.

Support to charities

Instead of sending Christmas cards to its customers, Landsnet annually contributes an equivalent amount to charities and welfare organisations. In 2015, the amount was divided between the Charity for Children with Autism and Specialisterne in Iceland, the latter of which is a private non-profit organisation that works to help individuals on the autism spectrum to develop independence.

Co-operation agreement with ICE-SAR

During the year, Landsnet, Landsvirkjun and RARIK renewed their co-operation agreement with the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) for another three-year term. The agreement ensures that the three electricity companies receive the assistance of search and rescue teams in emergencies and in other cases where assistance is required. The agreement also provides the electricity companies’ staff with access to training at the ICE-SAR Search and Rescue Academy and outlines defined response procedures for the rescue teams whenever the energy companies need their assistance.

Miscellaneous projects

Landsnet and its partners have undertaken a range of IT- and communications-related projects benefiting society at large.

  • TETRA – secure telecommunications: In co-operation with partners and service providers, Landsnet has developed an extensive TErrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) network to deliver more secure telecommunications in Iceland. The network has substantially increased communications security for our staff and improved the electricity system’s operational security. It has also contributed greatly to public safety and security as we share the network with civil protection authorities, the police, fire brigades and search-and-rescue rescue teams.
  • Community use of facilities: We are committed to being a good neighbour to those living near our infrastructure. For instance, we have allowed server companies and broadcasters to use our transmission facilities in rural areas. This support has been essential to providing these rural communities with important services at affordable prices. We have also provided the inhabitants of certain rural areas with access to Landsnet’s fibre-optic cable where no other fibre-optic solutions are available.