About Landsnet


Landsnet hf. is a responsible and cutting-edge service company with a strong team of professionals and a high level of community awareness. We aim to be at the global forefront in our industry.

Iceland has only a single defined grid but a number of regional or distribution networks. Landsnet owns and operates all bulk transmission lines in Iceland. The grid also includes all main substations in the country. Our nearly 3,300km line network includes lines with voltages of 66 kV and higher and a number of 33 kV lines. The grid’s highest operating voltage is 220 kV. A large part of the grid operates at 132 kV and some parts at 66 kV and 33 kV. Transmission lines in the south-west and east of Iceland were built as 420 kV lines but operate at 220 kV.

The grid receives electricity directly from power stations and transmits it to distributors and power-intensive users. All power stations that are 10 MW or larger connect to the grid, which transmits the electricity to six power-intensive consumers and distribution system operators in 59 locations around the country. The distributors then carry the electricity onwards to individual consumers.

Landsnet’s owners

Landsnet began operations at the start of 2005 on the basis of the 2003 Electricity Act. Landsnet is a public limited company owned by Landsvirkjun, Iceland State Electricity (RARIK), Reykjavik Energy and the Westfjord Power Company. It operates under a concession arrangement and is subject to regulation by the National Energy Authority, which determines the revenue cap on which our tariff is based.

  • Landsvirkjun – The National Power Company 64.73%
  • Iceland State Electricity (RARIK) 22.51%
  • Reykjavik Energy 6.78%
  • Westfjord Power Company 5.98%